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I’m curious about the trends that impact the food and hospitality industry, but what's more important to me is how we interpret these trends to unlock fresh revelations or insights about the behaviour of consumers.


It’s these harder to spot insights that will ultimately inspire business ideas, product development pipelines, restaurant concepts, food menus and more. 

A key step in achieving successful innovation is being able to take a fledgling idea and nurture it into an instantly understandable concept. I believe building upwards from trends and consumer insight is the real key to creating innovative concepts.

I have over 30 years of consumer and brand marketing skills and a wealth of experience in food retail, food manufacturing, restaurant concept development, qualitative research and consumer insight & innovation.  


My work and experience has spanned the U.K., Europe, North America, Australia and my native  New Zealand.

I can work independently or with hospitality partners who have a deep understanding of operations and mobilisation, depending on the size, scope and complexity of the project.

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